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Yoga for Buttocks Reduction

Yoga for buttocks reduction is a sure way to have a firm, sexy, healthy and strong butt. There are 3 muscles that make our buttocks.  Gluteus maximus which is the largest, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius.

It’s a fact that yoga exercises relax your body and mind.  Apart from relaxing your body, they are capable of strengthening and toning your muscles. Particularly, buttocks are one of the areas that women are conscious of.

Tight and slightly lifted buttocks will make many women confident of themselves.

Importance of Yoga Exercises for Reducing Buttocks

Great buttocks are made, not born. If you were not blessed with a great butt, you can still achieve a tight and sexy butt with yoga exercises.

Butt muscles are extremely important since they allow us to sit comfortably. Buttocks are composed of 3 butt muscles and a layer of fat. The 3 muscles, namely gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius impacts everything from bending over, sitting, and even standing up.

They also play a role in stabilizing the pelvis. Strong butt muscles improve lower body movements.

Better Posture

Strong and healthy butt muscles are needed for a good posture. With many people spending the majority of their time sitting down, they are in the danger of weakening their buttock muscles. Yoga for buttocks reduction will strengthen these muscles ultimately leading to a better posture.

By strengthening the muscles found on your buttocks, your pelvis and spine will have more support. All these can be achieved by yoga poses that I have discussed here.

Shape up your Buttocks

It is with no doubt that yoga for buttocks reduction will shape up your butt and even your whole body. Guys are interested only in buffing up their chest and arms while ladies focus on shaping up their butt.

This will give them confidence. Their body will look attractive and can strut around town in tight new jeans. If you want to shape up your buttock muscles, you need yoga for buttocks reduction.

Increase Athletic Performance

If you want to be a stronger athlete, work on all your body muscles. Gluteus muscles play a major role in improving movement. It is a fact therefore that strong gluteus muscles will improve your jumping skills, speed, quick to side movements and agility.

It is simple; athletes with strong gluteus muscles are faster compared to athletes with weak gluteus muscles. In order for your buttock muscles to generate an incredible amount of power, you are needed to do yoga exercises for buttocks reduction.

Reduced Chance of Injury

Speaking of injuries, having strong gluteus muscles reduces your chance of injury. They prevent injuries to your lower and upper back, knees and hamstrings. On the other hand, weak buttock muscles cause poor posture which can lead to serious injuries.

To build and maintain your buttocks strength, do yoga for buttocks reduction. Get those hip joints moving with butt targeting moves.

Yoga poses for buttocks reduction

The yoga poses for buttocks reductions reviewed here will help you build the best butt of your life.

Locust Pose

pose for buttocks yoga


Be practicing this yoga pose for buttock reduction early in the morning on an empty stomach. Lie on your stomach and fully stretch your full body, legs, and hands. Slightly raise your legs and head above your mat. Hold the pose for at least 40 to 50 seconds.

It is a pose that is easy to practice. For great results, include this pose in your daily workout regimen. This yoga is guaranteed to strengthen your buttock muscles and even help in losing weight. It will tone your legs, hips and calf muscles.

An intense pose like this that target gluteus muscles is guaranteed to sculpt your bottom.

Upward Plank Pose

Yoga for Buttocks Reduction

This is a yoga pose that helps your body stretch extensively. Lie on your back and fully stretch your whole body and legs. Support yourself on your hands and raise your body up. Hold for about 30 to 40 minutes.

You can practice this yoga for buttocks reduction in the morning or evening. This pose will strengthen your back; it will stretch your gluteus muscles and tone your entire body. Include it in your weight loss program.

Goddess Pose

Goddess pose

This is one of the best yoga poses that is focused on toning your thighs and sculpting a strong butt. It is much like squat and if practiced correctly, it will help you achieve your dream butt.

Stand with your legs wide apart. You can rest your hands on your thighs.  This is an energizing and grounding pose. Do not forget to inhale and exhale while practicing this pose.

It is an amazing all over work out and gives your hips a good stretch. You can practice it in the morning or evening.

Reserve at least 20 minutes a day for performing this yoga pose in order to reduce your buttocks.  It’s worth noting that you need daily practice in order to see results.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose yoga

This pose is named triangle because of its look. To perform this pose, bend on one side with your legs apart. Make sure one of your hands is touching the ground while the other is stretched up fully.

Pose for at least 30 seconds before standing up and repeating it again. Also, take a deep breath and exhale after a few seconds.

You can perform it in the morning or evening and it is comfortable to practice it when on an empty stomach.

To Sum up

Are you worried about fat buttocks? Locust pose, upward plank pose, Goddess pose, and Triangle pose are some of the intense yoga exercises that will help you achieve your dream butt.

While many concentrates on losing fat on their belly, others are looking forward to having a tight, sexy and strong butt.

If practiced daily, yoga poses will contribute to burn calories and strengthen the muscles of your body. Do not forget to purchase a comfortable yoga mat and clothes in order to enjoy your practices.





Knee to chest hip flexor stretch

Hip Flexor Stretches In Yoga For Better Strength & Flexibility

Hip flexor stretches as part of yoga has gained immense popularity because it improves the flexibility of the whole body and strengthens the hips.

If hip flexor muscles are left tight, they affect the movement of the lower back. Most do not realize that their hips are tight until they do yoga-style hip flexor stretches.

Tight hips express themselves through lower back pain, muscle stiffness and this is capable of shortening your stride. Like any other health condition, there are causes for tight hips. For many people, it is as a result of spending too much time sitting down.

Other causes of hip flexors tightening include training without recovering property and old age.

The best way to get rid of hip tightness is by doing hip flexor stretches using yoga. In this post, I have done all the hard work for you by explaining the different poses that will help you open your hip flexors and their benefits.

Importance of Hip Flexor Stretches Yoga

Physical Benefits

The relaxation and stretching techniques incorporated in hip flexor stretch yoga can heal body conditions such as headaches, insomnia, and even chronic lower back pain. Other physical benefits of this type of yoga include the following;

  • The increase of hip muscles strength and tone
  • Plays a role in weight reduction
  • The breathing techniques incorporated in hip flexor stretches improve respiration
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Improves cardio and circulatory health

Strong muscles are built by hip flexor stretches. They protect from getting conditions such as arthritis and prevent older adults from falling.

Relieves the Tension Built up around your Hip Region

Too much sitting down for long hours is one of the major causes of back pain and tight hips. It also contributes significantly to health problems such as obesity and osteoporosis. Fortunately, the effects of an inactive lifestyle can be counteracted by doing hip flexor stretches yoga.

Hip Flexor Stretches Increases Body Flexibility

Hip flexors are muscles that connect the hip, knee and the lower back via the pelvis. They are active muscles that are important in movements like squatting and walking.

Most hip problems are as a result of lack of flexibility. Hip Muscles can lose elasticity if kept continuously in a fixed position. This includes sitting for many hours.

Sitting for hours every day can shorten and even shrink your hip flexors, and this will limit your ability to straighten up your hip fully. This causes the tightness of hip muscles.

The flexibility of tight hip muscles can be improved by spending good time stretching them. Eventually, the hip flexors muscles will significantly lengthen increasing their flexibility.

The muscles that make the hip flexors have a significant role in stabilizing your lower spine. Bending your torso or moving your legs depends on these muscles. Flexible and strong hip muscles will improve your posture and eliminate the risk for back injury and conditions such as arthritis.

Hip flexor yoga encourages your hip muscles to stretch aligning your spine enabling you to move very well. In a nutshell, avoid weak hip flexors that lead to cramps and strains during exercises.

Mental Benefits

Aside from the physical benefits, hip flexor stretches during yoga helps a person manage stress. Stress can manifest in your body in many ways like headaches, inability to concentrate and sleeping problems.

Hip flexor stretches as part of a good yoga regimen is very useful in bringing calmness, relaxing the mind and relieving chronic stress. Yoga’s breathing, stretching and meditation is capable of improving your mental well being.

4 Yoga Poses to Stretch Your Hip Flexors

Try these 4 yoga poses to stay healthy:

They include Locust pose, warrior pose 1, reclining hero and camel pose. If you have tight hips, perform the hip flexor stretches daily while practising yoga. You do not have to stretch for hours; 20 minutes will do.

Here are important tips to remember when performing this type of yoga;

  • Every exercise starts by breathing in and out. Start your yoga by slowly breathing in and out
  • Do not overstretch yourself while stretching your hip flexors
  •  Try to stay in each pose for up to 1 minute
  • Buy a mat that you will be comfortable to practice on.It should have a smooth top layer to provide grip for all poses. The fabric should be thick for comfort when performing poses that require you to bend or put your elbows on it.

1. Locust Pose

Best hip flexor stretches poses

Lie face down and stretch yourself fully on your mat. Stretch your arms, fingertips pointing your feet. Your legs should be fully stretched up and feet slightly above the mat.

Lift your head, chest and inhale. Hold for at least few seconds and breath out. This type of stretching will fully straighten up your hip, improve your body flexibility and reduce compression in your lower back.

2. Warrior Pose I

hip flexor stretches yoga poses

This is an excellent hip flexor stretch. To perform this yoga, stand with the right leg forward and the left leg stretched back. Raise your hands high. Bend the front knee little. Stay in this pose for 1 minute.

Repeat the same procedure but this time, stand with the left leg forward and the right leg stretched back. Raise your hands high. Stay in this pose for 1 minute.


3. Reclining Hero

reclining hero pose

This stretch targets the muscles on the front of the thigh. To perform this pose, sit down between your heels and lie back fully extending your hands. This will fully straighten your hip joint.

Please do not overstretch as this can cause painful compression in the lower back.

4. Camel Pose

hip flexor stretches yoga

Kneel on your mat and bring your hands to your lower back. Rest your palms above your heels. Inhale and lift your chest. Hold for 30 seconds. Slowly start to lean your torso back. This is an intense hip flexor pose that will surely stretch your hip on each side.

If you are trying to get rid of your hip tension build up, you should include this pose. If instead, you go to a yoga class, your instructor should include this hip flexor stretch that focuses on strengthening the muscles surrounding the hips.