Red tea detox benefits

Comprehensive Review On The Red Tea Detox Diet

Since Red Tea has gained immense popularity as a detox, I have decided to provide my review of it.

The truth about red tea detox is that it has great benefits to its drinkers. Not only does it get rid of toxins in the body but it is responsible for improving the digestive system and aid in weight loss.

In a nutshell, this product is great for your health. It tastes good and will cater for your emotional well being, mental health and fitness. Keep reading to learn what red tea Detox is and its numerous benefits.

What is Red Tea?

Red tea is a cleansing and weight loss African drink. It is a lifesaver and positive reviews of the brew can be found all over online. Natural detox methods like this one will undoubtedly bring significant improvements in your life.

The red coloring of the red tea is from a South African herb, the Rooibos plant.

The Red Tea Detox

This is more than just a tasty cup of tea. First of all, it is a complete program that is a result of more than a decade of research. From the first day of consuming this great drink, you will notice your appearance improving.

Liz Swan Miller is the founder of The Red Tea Detox. She discovered the powerful recipe during her tour in Africa.

How does Red Tea Detox Work?

Every day, a human body is flooded with toxins. Herbicides and pesticides are found in the food that we eat. Toxins are also found in our kitchen tap water and the air that we breathe.

Although our bodies have their detoxification system, it is not enough to fight all the toxins in today’s environment. The proof is the growing rate of people with diabetes, cancer, allergies and infertility.

This is a result of the accumulation of toxins in the body. Believe it or not, with the collection of toxins in your body, your immune system is overworked and it suffers. You become sick. What a better way to fight with these toxins than the use of a natural alternative?

Detoxifying your body flushes the many toxins in it. This boosts your immunity, reduce inflammation and help with waste removal in your body.


By consuming this health drink, you give your body the help it needs to eliminate toxins that cause diseases. If you are sick and overweight, this is a great product for you.

The herbs in red tea flush out toxins plus keep your body hydrated. Though they are medicinal herbs, their taste is pleasant and you will definitely enjoy while getting your body back to its natural state.

Natural detox methods like this one have no effects and are guaranteed to nurse you back to your good health. After taking this product, you will live in the body of your dreams.

The significant improvements in appearance will result in a higher level of confidence; hence it is a great product.

Loss of Weight

I cannot stress enough how crucial it is for overweight and obese people. Quality exercise is required while taking the drink in order to double your results.

Red Tea Detox program helps in losing weight without exercise but it will not happen faster. Enjoy serious fat burning by combining both the Detox program and some workouts.


The list of ingredients that makes this powerful drink has names which describe them. The ingredients are what make this drink special so it is important I list them. They include the following;

  • The fat shrinker
  • The fat storage stopper
  • The fat unlocker
  • The hunger killer
  • The ultimate fat cleanser

Why is Red Tea Detox Important?

Cleansing the body

Rooibos cafeine freeWhat is so special about this detox? The natural detox program will aid you to jump-start your weight loss process. Toxins bring so many physical, mental and emotional problems and so it is extremely crucial to stop their accumulation in the body.

They cause some of the life-threatening diseases such as obesity, cancer, arthritis, asthma, headaches, chronic fatigue, to name a few. Toxins affect the way cells operate and if left in the body for a long time, they change the structure of the cell.

Although the body tries its best to fight these toxins, natural detoxification is never enough. Liz Swann Miller, the founder, has stressed the importance of cleansing our bodies with this powerful antioxidant.

Regularly cleansing your body with the detox recipe will change your life and reverse symptoms brought about by toxins in your body.

Losing weight

If you are overweight and obese, losing some of the weight can lead to a ton of health benefits. It is proved that losing weight decrease cholesterol which is responsible for heart diseases, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Red Tea Detox eliminates the chances of getting heart attacks, strokes and improves sleep apnea. You will not be disappointed by this nutritious, high fiber and high water content detox recipe.

Overall Pros

Flexibility in Diet

What I liked about this natural recipe is that it is flexible. What do I mean by this? It does not restrict you from drinking or eating certain foods like other weight loss programs. You can drink red tea and later have smoothies or juices.

No Side Effects

It is a natural way to cleanse the body; hence no side effects as compared to other programs for weight loss. There is no headache, stomach ache or nausea with this detox recipe.

Scientifically Proven Benefits

Liz Swan Miller spent over 10 years researching over 500 medical studies and 3 years testing in order to prove the drink is effective. The tea is effective in cleansing our bodies and losing weight.


If you are overweight, you need to incorporate quality exercises in order to lose weight quicker. The pros outweigh the cons hence red tea detox is a great product worth trying.

Easy Paleo Crock Pot Recipes For Yogis Wanting To Lose Weight

Ever since they were made mainstream, paleo recipes have become quite common in modern diets. They are recommended for all age groups including the elderly in nursing homes and those recovering from various kinds of ailments and nutrient deficiencies. The benefits of paleo crock pot recipes and menus are quite obvious and straightforward. You do not have to look further than the principles of paleo cooking which requires the meal to deliver maximum nutrition through special recipes, and avoidance of toxins and chemicals.

Easy Chicken/Turkey Slow Cooker Meal

Achieving a paleo meal should not be a daunting task especially since there are many easy paleo crock pot recipes you can work with. However, not all suggestions you come by abound by paleo principles. Some are simply quickly completed eBooks that are published for affiliate revenues. It is therefore very important to carefully review these recipes before using them.

What To Consider Regarding Paleo Cooking

Paleo slow cooked beefThere is much talk about easy paleo crock pot recipes and how you can still eat your favorite beef, chicken, and soups without actually packing extra calories or dangerous cholesterol. While this is true when you use actual recipes, there are just too many paleo books available online. So how do you get to pick one that offers real paleo crock pot menus and recipes? First of all, it is important to understand what paleo cooking involves. This will make it easy to distinguish real recipes from spanned information created for a quick sale, download or references. There are two main things to consider about easy paleo crock pot recipes. These are:

  1. Suggested food items and ingredients – The only way to identify true paleo recipes and menus is through evaluating the ingredient list. Crock pot paleo dishes require food items that are cooked for a longer time over medium heat to ensure tenderness and elimination of toxins. Besides this, the ingredients should all fall within what is acceptable for paleo diets. Paleo conformation entails sticking to organic foods from plants and animals to supply the necessary nutrition and maximum health impact. Processed foods and ingredients are prohibited as they increase the level of toxins in the body. Nothing that compromises your health is acceptable in the diet in whatever amounts. The list of acceptable food items is probably inexhaustible, but they mostly include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish and chicken, low-fat carbs, healthy fats and oils. The foods to be avoided include processed sugars and additives, packaged junk and trans-fats. You can also find a calorie calculator and work out the amount of calories delivered in one serving of the suggested recipe.
  2. Reviews and reputation – Reputation review is a faster way of gaining insights on whether a given paleo recipe is genuine and helpful. As aforementioned, there are several easy paleo crock pot recipes available. From forums to blogs, eBooks to magazines, new suggestions keep coming up. Cooking has no boundaries and you can create several versions of one recipe making a few changes without going out the required boundaries. However, you must be very careful about the recipes and ingredients some books recommend. Some menus lead you to certain products that are supposedly safe and acceptable within a paleo recipe. It is advisable to look through comments, complaints, user reviews and testimonials before trying to replicate the recipe in your kitchen. If you find out any negative reviews and complaints, start digging further into the matter. Ideal paleo crock pot recipes will generally have favorable reputation among users. You should review each item in the recipe separately.

Paleo ingredients should be readily available at your local supermarket but must consist of organic plant and animal produce only.

Simple & Delicious Paleo Crock Pot Recipes

Finished meal

There is no limit to the number of easy paleo crock pot recipes existing today. These are only a few suggestions you can quickly prepare at home to achieve healthy paleo dishes that will enrich your body with micronutrients while protecting you from intoxication. Some of the recommended crock pot recipes include the following.

Five Easy Paleo Crock Pot Recipes:

  • Crock pot roast – Instead of shying away from roast beef for good, you can use a slow crock-pot roaster to tenderize and give you nutritious meat that falls off the bone. Add crushed carrots in place of potatoes to increase your intake of antioxidants and reduce on starch. You can also use the drippings from your beef to make quick gravy.
  • Minnestrone soupPulled barbecue beef – Preparing pulled beef may seem like a lot of work only for those who take a short time preparing their meals. If you want healthy nutrition, use a slow cooker to prepare saucy pulled beef that pile up perfectly with your trim veggies and lettuce wraps. This recipe is much better when you add onions, jalapenos and avocado wrapped in lettuce.
  • Honey-garlic chicken or turkey – Adding raw honey and garlic to crock pot chicken is a smart way to achieve fast paleo crock pot recipe that is both nutritious and delicious. Simply add the honey and garlic to the chicken and let it cook.
  • Minestrone soup – This is one of the best crock pot soups you can make in your kitchen. Simply add sweet potatoes, celery, carrots, spinach, zucchini and any other vegetable you want. Include ground meat for protein value and serve with fresh basic to maximize your appetite for this paleo soup.
  • Sweet potato chili – If you want paleo crock pot chili for a cold night, then it could never get better than sweet potato chili. It has the hot taste you are looking for and a sweetness hint that makes it enjoyable. And red pepper flakes and then slow-cook the sweet potato. You can add a few vegetables for improved quality of nutrition. You can cook enough for several nights and freeze the extra to be available on demand.

Crock Pot (off brand)

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Crock pot recipes require time and patience to achieve. They are dishes that are cooked slowly to ensure all the nutrients are released into the dish and toxins are eliminated. Other popular recipes include vegetable korma, Thai chicken-butternut soup, crock pot jalapeno soup, Asian meat balls, and Indian curry chicken among many more. Use vegetables that do not lose their nutrient value when slow cooked for a longer duration. More importantly, ensure all ingredients are organic. You should buy from credible grocery stores that are known for high quality ingredients.

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