YogaGlo Review

Mother and daughter do yoga at homeThe practice of yoga has become quite mainstream, thanks to its unique health benefits. What could be better than connecting with like minds in a yoga class, moving and breathing as one? But not all of us have the time or the luxury of attending yoga classes to our preferred yoga teachers or studios.

All of that will change, thanks to YogaGlo. Now, you will have the time and luxury to practice yoga via an online service. Not only that, but you would have the option to choose your yoga teacher and the length of the yoga class. YogaGlo is currently at the top of the list when it comes to offering online yoga for individuals, thanks to its solid foundation and sound practices. The yoga subscription service has been around for more than 5 years now; the current library selection and yoga content is hard to beat.

What is YogaGlo?

YogaGlo is a comprehensive, detailed online yoga class subscription service you can join to further enhance your yoga practices. You pay a monthly fee in exchange for unlimited classes with some of the most renowned and illustrious yoga teachers in the whole world. Just to give you an idea, the total classes you can get for the YogaGlo subscription is now numbering over 2500 sessions. You’ll also get to choose the perfect class length- from quick 5 minute refreshers to complete yoga classes that are 2 hours in total.

Yogaglo for at home

The yoga classes in YogaGlo cover a wide variety of yoga exercises and stretches. You won’t find the same content twice, plus you gain the convenience of exploring yoga in all its advanced forms.

To break it down in simpler terms, you can choose any class listed on the service. There’s a quick 5-minute yoga class for those who’d love to do some yoga before going to work. There’s also a 2-hour lengthy yoga class for those who’d like to unwind after a hard day’s work. There are 10 different yoga styles all in all, and each class is rated on a 1 to 5 level challenge.

Beginners of yoga and advanced yogis can find a lot to like here. The sheer number of available classes alone will satisfy even the most discerning yoga practitioners. YogaGlo presents an easy and accessible yoga session in an online platform that’s very convenient for today’s busy society. Though hardcore yogis can say that there’s nothing quite like a real, live yoga session, the online format really comes in a very close second.

YogaGlo’s Classes Explained

If you’re wondering just how the thousands upon thousands of yoga videos are divided into types and sub-types, then wonder no more. You’ll most likely find your favorite yoga style from the list of classes, or stumble upon a new one that will become your preferred yoga class of choice:

Here’s where it gets more interesting. As you progress further into the 8 limbs (or stages) of yoga, the more you gain spiritual awareness benefits while exercising. There’s also a variety of unique classes. Some of the courses here are more of the classroom-type session, where the teacher provides some helpful information including anecdotes, facts and speaks to you directly as if you’re sitting in an actual room. The more transforming experiences include a transcendental class that puts perspective on how yoga is not just a simple exercise, but one for the body, the mind and the spirit.

There’s also some meditative classes if you wish to focus more on your spiritual development. The shorter ones are about 5 minutes in length, but are complete sessions in themselves. Of course, there’s the longer meditation classes for when you need to clear your head and put your thoughts on the back burner.

Meet Just A Few Of The YogaGlo Teachers

Clair Missingham

Kathryn Budig

Elena Brower

There are currently over 30 teachers, both men and women. You have the complete power to choose on a daily basis!

Comprehensive Search Options

If the 3 main search parameters Teacher, Difficulty Level and Type aren’t enough, then you can narrow it down to helpful specifics such as focus and body part as well.

The focus search option allows you to search for excellent yoga classes that can help you with a specific issue. If you need help with combating infertility, chronic stress, or have back pain problems, then this search option is a great choice. The body part search options is for when you need alleviating exercises for a specific body part. That could be your heart, your wrists, the immune and/or nervous system, your hamstrings, your hips and even for your eyes!

YogaGlo Price and Payment

How much for unlocking a wealth of yoga classes you can experience right at the comfort of your own home? A low cost of only $18 a month. That subscription price unlocks all the available classes. Remember that YogaGlo makes use of a recurring monthly program fee, so you’ll be automatically billed with the credit card information you entered on their system.

The monthly recurring aspect allows you to enter your card information once and not have to enter it again each month. Canceling and re-subscribing is just as easy; you’ll only spend about 5 to 10 minutes to gain access to all the helpful yoga classes if you feel like it.

First-time members get a bonus 15-day free trial. You’ll need to sign up at the YogaGlo website and enter credit card information. When you wish to cancel, simply log in and check the unsubscribe box. No more calling or leaving the company emails to put your subscription on hold.


  • Immense value for your money
  • Gain access to the most experienced and famous yoga teachers
  • Attend different yoga classes with different yoga styles without going to multiple studio locations
  • Great entry price for the yoga content you can access


  • High speed internet required
  • You may find the Android app clunky


YogaGlo is the clear answer when your budget is tight and there’s not a lot of yoga studios in your area, but you’re still dedicated to practicing yoga and potentially losing weight. The convenience is also a great plus factor for those who are busy with work or family. The online yoga subscription service is an excellent site that has some fantastic yoga videos and classes for all types of yoga practitioners. How would you like to practice yoga exercises and stretches with some of the world’s most renowned yoga teachers? This is made possible with YogaGlo. Needless to say, YogaGlo is highly recommended!

If you are not much for recurring payments and want to practice yoga simply for weight loss, you can do the YogaBurn course which is only $37 one-time. Check it out here.